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We are a specialty model car shop in Sydney which has been providing exceptional products to hundreds of customers over the years. Since our founding in 1996, Model Cars Too has been satisfying the need for precise model automobiles for our growing clientele. We are always on the lookout for new items to add to our inventory and make every effort, when it comes to more popular models, to secure exclusives. At Model Cars Too, we strive to provide our clients with not just a diverse range of scales but also a comprehensive assortment of products from today’s most innovative manufacturers at affordable prices.

Model Cars Too is delighted to have a legacy that spans 26 years of offering the finest model cars in Australia. We also provide speedy delivery to your door at very affordable prices.

What sets our assortment of car models collection apart from others?

Our model car collection is the most comprehensive on the market since we have so many different makes and brands. We have a range of model cars in Sydney spanning a wide variety of time periods and countries. In addition, we have many colour options, giving you the ability to pick the automobile you really desire.


The breadth of our selection is one of the factors that contributes to the quality of our model car shop in Sydney. You can discover automobiles from every imaginable time period and region of the globe here! We offer something that will fit your needs, whether you want a sports, luxury car or iconic car model. In addition, members of our team are always ready to assist you in locating those rare model cars you are looking for in Australia.


Because we stock high-quality models that come from some of the most well-known and recognised names in the industry, our model cars collection is considered to be the greatest of its kind. Each vehicle has been scrupulously maintained, and every detail has been painstakingly attended to, so that you can get an accurate impression of each make and model. That’s why we are rated as the best model car shop in Sydney!


We have a diverse selection of vehicles, ranging from little budget cars to opulent four-door sedans. We also offer a broad variety of costs, making it possible for you to locate a vehicle that is well within your means. In addition, our inventory is upgraded on a regular basis, which ensures that you will always have access to the latest models.

Assistance to customers

At Model Cars Too, providing excellent products to our customers is always our number one concern. We put in a lot of effort to make sure that each and every one of our customers has a pleasant time while shopping with us and is satisfied with their purchase.

We are here to guide you through the decision-making process, assisting you with everything from the available to advice on our model car shop. Visit us, and we’ll show you what makes our assortment of car models so special. Yes, you will love our model car shop in Sydney and come back for more!


Check out our choice of model cars in Australia if you’re interested in purchasing one that is both fashionable and dependable. You will find that we provide a diverse range of colour options and different fashions, and that we are current with the most latest model cars. Our staff is very enthusiastic about automobiles, and as a result, we will do all in our power to provide you with the most positive experience at our model car shop in Sydney.

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Model Cars Too is the place to go if you are searching for that special collection that is not only one of a kind but also has a wide variety of makes. This shop offers a diverse selection of automobiles spanning many decades and models. Model Cars Too will offer the item that you are seeking for no matter what kind of automobiles interest you the most: vintage, sports, or luxury.

In addition, we provide a wide variety of accessories to choose from. Model Cars Too is a wonderful site to go to for any reason, regardless of whether you are wanting to purchase that unique model you always wanted or simply want to browse the finest model car shop in Sydney, Australia. You can email us at for any query!